My SIL sent these photos through this morning. Love, love, love the artwork!! Thank you TB shipping crew!

TB Box Art - Aussie style!!-tb-01-thumb-jpg

Close up of the fab artwork:

TB Box Art - Aussie style!!-tb-02-thumb-jpg

And finally, a few of our new bags. The Little Swift in Cork is for me. I won't actually get to hold it until Dec 15 at the earliest. But I already love it! The Swift in Turquoise is for my SIL. The Snake Charmer at the top is for my brother.

TB Box Art - Aussie style!!-tb-03-thumb-jpg

Also in this order were a Swift in Linen/Olive (for me!), Brain Bag (for my DH), Smart Alec (for my brother), a few yarn stuff sacks and pouches and other things. Good times.