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    Synapse In Its Natural Environment

    I live in La Jolla California. As a born and bred resident of the Northwest (Seattle and Portland) and having spent 17 years in Chicago I know that means no "real" weather. I know my Synapse was beginning to miss its hometown so when we had some extraordinary weather down here I had to take it out for a walk yesterday and today.

    Synapse In Its Natural Environment-img_8506-526x640-jpg

    Needless to say, it performed wonderfully keeping everything dry! Alas, we will have to soon return to the ever present sunshine and mild temperatures here.

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    I'm almost wishing I got the Olive colour instead of the Steel ... such an amazingly useful backpack.
    Expat living in Japan
    iPad Ristretto Aeronaut Synapse Lg Shop Bag lots of little accessory pouches - straps - and other goodies!
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    Now ... what else do I "need" ...

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