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    I live a little South of Edinburgh in Scotland's border hills

    Travel Tray at Home

    Even though I'm not traveling for a fortnight, I thought I'd put my Travel Tray to good use by tidying my desk.

    I've put my Mont Blanc pens in there together with my drugs, some Kleenex, my new (excellent) B&W ear phones, my bank security thing, a hospital appointment card, a screen cloth, my iPhone cable and the holster for its Otter Box Defender (I used the iPhone 5 for the pics), a bunch of keys and a tape measure... wow it holds a lot, as you can see!!!

    You can also see how lovely wasabi Dyneema is in the flesh!

    Travel Tray at Home-img_0875-jpgTravel Tray at Home-img_0882-jpgTravel Tray at Home-img_0883-jpg

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    I pocket dump into my Travel Tray every night when I get home. It works so well.
    Joi Edwards

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    Nice Fat Crip! I love the wasabi colour, looks awesome. I got a travel tray before the wasabi was released. And while I love it in Iberian, I'm starting to wish I had a whole bunch of gear in the new colour. It rocks!

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