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    It's our pleasure! (I'm KatrinkaWinkle over there.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by moriond View Post
    Just wanted to note that the iPad Mini is perfectly sized to travel in the FJN, and could also be slipped into the pocket behind the front section behind the pens, rulers, etc. or even into the outside back pocket (but without a case). I'll attach a few pictures to show this.
    Attachment 3090

    I've slipped the iPad Mini behind the front pocket, with just a sliver of the right edge showing as a line to the right. The whole device can be pushed further in.
    Attachment 3091

    This could also fit inside a cache, and sit in front, but I find this feels a little bulky. A fitted case works a little better. (Sorry, don't have a picture handy to upload).

    What's neater is using the new 3D Dyneema/Nylon organizer cubes, which are light weight and nicely sized. I usually don't use the enclosed hook for hanging the pouch, but this works out as a very slick feature with the FJN when you secure the organizer cube with both a keystrap and the hook. It allows you to hold the open FJN with a pouch open at the side, and reach in for alternate items, such as a highlighting pen or extra colored pencils or clips. I can't both hold the FJN this way and take a picture, so I'll show what I mean in layout format on a table.

    Here's the Dyneema cube tethered with a keystrap.
    Attachment 3092

    Here's the same cube open with the hook also attached. There are some Post-It marker flags in the pouch.
    Attachment 3093

    You can hold the FJN open with the cube tethered this way over the side. For light stationary items or small receipts this works very well.

    I have a question about moriond's quoted posting:

    Are you suggesting that the Field Journal Notebook could haul around an iPad and a 3D Dyneema/Nylon organizer cube on-board, for use as a micro-mobile-office-on-the-road? If so, would it all fit, or would you have to carry the FJN and the organizer cube around in something else, like a backpack or Co-Pilot or Cadet or Shop Bag or whatever? Could you please elaborate on this?
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    I can't speak for the 3D cube, but the Nexus 7 also fits in the front...I hesitate to call it a pocket as it's not intended as such, but you can put stuff there. The area behind the pen and accessories holder. It *doesn't* fit my folding Bluetooth keyboard as well, unfortunately. I can put in one or the other.

    As for hole punching, it's a little old-school, but I take the plastic divider, line it up with the paper or anything that needs punching, and make the holes with a hand-held craft hole punch--the kind that makes one hole at a time. That might be too labor-intensive for some, but it works for the occasional page.

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