There you are all excited and expectant, four days gone, one still to go... the anticipation and excitement at bursting point, but you're holding back, keeping the emotions in check... when, all of a sudden, quite unexpectedly, bang here it comes! The UPS man! A day early!!!

Pay the man for the VAT and duty ( a remarkably light 39 - I'm sure they just think of a number!) rip open the tape; no video this time; just dive in!

And relax...

Actually, this was a relatively, and I mean relatively, unexciting order, just packing cubes, stuff sacks, a shopping bag and a MCB, but for such ostensibly mundane stuff, one, the early arrival was a great surprise (the usual UPS fairy stories again) and, two, these are really, really nice things! I was initially very sceptical of Dyneema, but now I'm absolutely sold! And with Iberian, steel, ultra violet, solar and my favourite wasabi in my collection I'm just waiting for more 400d Dyneema bags... In WASABI!

So, I've an uphill struggle trying to persuade Mrs. FC that one bag travel is a goer. She usually checks a bag, or on a really short trip she takes her rolling bag (it is kind of cute with VW campers all over it, but with rounded sides, four wheels and a very intrusive double handle, it weighs 40% of your allowance which is just as well as it holds next to nothing). In order to prove her point, she piled everything we need for our up coming trip to Spain this weekend on our bed and then laid out the brand new 400d steel Dyneema Aeronaut and Tri-Star and said "see what I mean?" My first thought was to say "do you really need all of that?" But I didn't think that would help! Instead I said "let's try it", and she set about filling the large Tri-Star (that's now her bag apparently) packing cube and the packing cube shoulder bag. She then put all of my clothes in a large Aeronaut packing cube. All of my other junk went in the Aeronaut end pockets. So with all she'd put out now fitted in we still have the 2/3 section of the front of the Tri-Star and it's middle section empty and the Aeronaut only half full!

There's still a few bits to go in (toiletries, MacBook 13, iPads, kindles etc., but loads of room. Perfect! ... maybe not! "It's not got wheels!" Being a cripple, I sling my bag on the back of my scooter chair by the rucksack straps; she hasn't that luxury. She has the choice of the handle, rucksack or Absolute shoulder strap, so we'll just have to see what happens. Luckily the Tri-Star isn't very heavy, at least without a laptop, iPad, kindle, toiletries, and ladies handbag/MCB!

One things for sure though... the bags are looking good! I'll do some pics or a wee video shortly.