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    More Wasabi Goodness!

    Just got home from a 5 hour round trip car ride to the TB Office / Warehouse / Showroom.

    This is what I picked up:

    Redesigned Smart Alec (Black/Black/Wasabi)
    Cord Zipper Pulls x2
    Yarn Stuff Sack - Large (Wasabi)
    Clear Quarter Packing Cube (Wasabi)
    Travel Tray (Wasabi)
    Aeronaut End Pocket Packing Cube - All Fabric (Steel! :()

    More Wasabi Goodness!-img_7218-jpg

    Met Trevor and he was really great to talk to and very helpful!
    Unfortunately a lot of the other things I wanted were backordered, but that's ok....just means I'll have to make another trip!!

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    tiny rural town in the Piedmont of the Carolinas
    Wasabi goodness, lovely!
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    I live a little South of Edinburgh in Scotland's border hills
    You can't beat wasabi! I've got a Ristretto, an Aeronaut and MCB with wasabi linings, plus a stuff sack, a travel tray, a 3D cube, some pouches and some key-straps all in Wasabi too. All I NEED now is some 400d Dyneema wasabi bags! Ristretto? Café bag? Synaps (large)? Another (3rd) Aeronaut?!?!
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    Awesome! Nice purchase.
    à plus tard...

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