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    Synapse First Impressions

    So, I received my synapse yesterday. The UPS driver pulled up right as I was getting on my bike with my old backpack on to go to the auto parts store.

    I was ecstatic to get the bag and get to try it on an 8 mile bike trip before I even got it in the door of my house.

    So I ripped the box open, took my 1ltr. Platypus bottle and hydration tube out of my old back pack an put it into the synapse. Tossed some of miscellaneous items from one bag into the cavernous mouth of the synapse... Adjusted it to fit my back and was off.

    My fist thought when I took it out of the box was actually quite different from what other here on the forum usually say upon seeing the bag. I thought the bag was freaking gargantuan! It's huge. Waaay bigger than I had imagined it would be.

    I was stepping up from a 9 liter hydration backpack. So going to a 19 liter backpack is a huge change is the bigness department.

    Wearing the bag, even mostly empty is a joy. It fits me quite well. I'm a tall skinny male. About 5'11". Adjusting it is a breeze. The chest strap is really nice. I didn't use the waist strap while riding.

    The hydration hook on the straps is a nice addition. I did have to remove the tube to drink from it, something I didn't have to do with my last bag. I think this has to do with the largess of the bag and how much more tube is needed to go from back to my mouth. I'll play with its location a little more and report back.

    It was a warm day and I did notice that my back was getting quite sweaty under the bag. So, we shall have to see how this bag does in the cooling department when it's more full.

    When I got home, I tested how much stuff I could put in the bag. It's quite impressive. Here's a list:

    1x pants
    2x t-shirts
    1x underwear
    1 large original pack towel
    Electric toothbrush
    Shaving oil
    2x pens
    Sunglasses with hard case
    Eyeglass wipe
    Side effect
    1 Fleece jacket

    I still had more than half of the bag available for more stuff and couldn't think of anything else I could stuff into it at the moment.

    I can't wait to test it on a real beach day trip or something.

    Overall, the bag looks excellent. It's very well built (duh). The blue dyneema is much nicer looking in person than it is in photos.

    My only concern is how big the bag is.

    I'm used to using an iPad ristretto or my 10 year old hydration backpack. In comparison to both of those, this thing is huge. I could easily fit both of the other bags in the main compartment of this bag. Though probably not if I stuffed them.

    I'm just not sure I'd take this bag everywhere because of how big it is, which is sad because I'd like to use it as an EDC bag.

    We shall see.

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    Murrieta, ca
    Just an FYI, I was used to using the hydration bag ad an overnight bag. So, I think it would be tremendously easy to live out of the synapse.

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    Nice review! You make it sound even bigger than the indigo/solar one I have. Hope you enjoy it the way I do mine!

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