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    A Day at the Beach Backpack Packing Cube

    Today we took a morning hike at our local beach in Pensacola with
    our Tom Bihn packing cube backpack. We always use this because
    it is lightweight and easy to clean the sand off. Today we were
    collecting some shells. I also carried a pair of sandals, small towel,
    some snacks, keys and water in the pack. So glad we were hiking
    here and not in the snow they had in the northeast.

    A Day at the Beach Backpack Packing Cube-img_0356-jpg

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    Ahhhh, looks like heaven. Meanwhile, I'm digging out from 2 feet of that junk. To be walking in the sand, the sun on my back, the beautiful sea breezes...

    Wow. The Aeronaut PCB looks nicer than the TS/WF version, IMO.

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