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    My Shipment Arrived!!

    Hey Guys,

    I got my shipment two days earlier than scheduled. Thanks to everybody that gave me advice on choosing the Dynema. I think this is the fabric for the future!

    My First impression is:

    Aeronaut: WOW!!!

    The Dynema Steel is beautiful, and the color will work excellent for business trips as well. I can't wait to start using it.

    Brain Bag:

    Awesome, it's huge and very well made.


    The only Dynema Color they had left at Tom Bihn was Nordic. I originally wanted steel. It's a puzzle to me that Tom Bihn don't put wasabi as an option for interior on all colors. This wasabi color is a lot more functional as it brightens up the interior.

    Personally I did not like the Nordic Color for wearing at all (the color did not work well with my clothing). And, its going to cost me more to send it back from Thailand and pay for shipping both ways for a new color than it's worth. Also, the bag is very small on my back so it does look like a kids school pack with that blue bright color!! (at least thats was what my Wife Said) I normally never wear colors so it was probably a shock to us all!! :p

    After I filled up the synapse it looked a bit better. It's so light and functional so I will be putting it to use for sure. It's replacing my Arcteryx blade 24

    There will be lots of reviews coming up after long term use.
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