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    It is St. Eugene Resort and Casino, just outside Cranbrook BC. It is a very lovely place!

    I think a Tb travel group would be hilarious! It could even be divided into subgroups! The aeronaut group, the tristar group and the wf/synapsegroup! Count me in!

    Road scholar is the new and revised name for elderhostel. I have wanted to go on elderhostel trips since iwas about 30. Either you or your travel partner must be over 55. I have no trouble meeting that requirement! They have hundreds of different tours in north America and elsewhere in the world. This was a try out for me as my travel buddies lack either the money or the inclination to travel as much as i wish to. I would gladly go on one again.

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    Hi Jannilee: I think we should do the TB travel group....Darcy: are you reading this?
    I think it would be great fun, and a great way to showcase the products. Checked out Road Scholar; it does sound amazing. Alright: I will inbox you and we should chat about doing something!!!

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    Hi @Jannilee and @Shiva: I think a TB travel group would be amazing! Sign me up:) I would fall into the Synapse/MCB travel group!

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