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    Frenchie on the Box

    For the last week, I tracked my package on the UPS site like I was following Santa Claus on NORAD. I knew it wouldn’t come a day earlier, or a day later than expected but what can you do when you have ants in your pants?

    I want to thank Beau for helping me with my very first Tom Bihn order; a Tri-Star in steel/ultraviolet and then – 48 hours later – my second order (Ego) because I just had to. NOW I feel like I am well equipped for my trip to Budapest to cover the World Dog Show (and vacation).

    Best of all is the box art!


    Frenchie on the Box-budapest-bound-tri-star-jpg

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    Glad to know I could help! Once you get back from Budapest, perhaps you could let everybody know how the bags worked out-- maybe even share some dog photos too!

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