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    O Canada! Box Art

    Every few years or so we visit family in Toronto to celebrate my grandmother's birthday (104 years old this June!), and we are treated to hospitality that is second to none. I had the pleasure of visiting the TB factory last month and mentioned to Trevor that I'd be sending my Toronto relatives a big box of TB goodies in March before our visit, and could they please do Canada box art. Well, my cousin just received the order this morning, along with a nice postcard signed by Trevor wishing my grandma a happy birthday and...Box Art!!!!

    O Canada! Box Art-img_2573-jpg

    ETA: Thanks so much! My cousins were thrilled. I'm trying to introduce them to TB and one of them said, "And this manufacturer sounds SOO cool! What nice personal touches - like the box art! LOVE it!"
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    Wow, that is a cool touch!

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