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    vivelly, I too am giving consideration to the larger Synapse. I'd love some steel/ultraviolet combo. Just what I need, yet another bag. :) I'm anxious to find out if the larger Synapse will sit up on its own too. I can get my smaller ones to sit up but it takes carefull packing of the bottom front pocket to do so.

    My bag collection has grown over the last three years or so. I notice you just joined the forum. Your collection will grow now too. The Freind of Tom comes from a gift TB gift sent out a couple of years ago. It was a lovely medium pouch. TB puts customer service first every time. I, and apparently many others, really appreicate that these days. It's becoming a lost art. The bags are a bit pricey sometimes but the quality will last a lifetime and more than worth the small extra cost. I prefer to purchase less stuff and hold out for quality rather than bulk up on lesser quality mass produced bags that come from heaven knows where. I also really like supporting a company based in the US whenever I can.
    Take care,
    List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!

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    I 100% agree with you Moose! It happens so rarely these days that you find a company like TB, if at all. I wish I would have discovered them much earlier, you are right, I am newbie..but have already 4 bags-it didnt take me long. :)
    The TB team is very special and as you said they put customer service first and even having this blog and forum keeps the TB community in touch to share tips and advice.
    And the box art....I know its "only" a drawing, but how special is that to receive something like that in this day and age? It made me smile for a long time, so very special. :-)

    I am the same as you...when I need something I do a lot of research and try to buy locally and quality. I try to avoid Made in China like the plague, but its getting harder all the time. Not a lot of companies take pride in craftmenship anymore and build things that last. Making things to break is irresponsible on many levels (just think of all the junk made with toxic materials in the landfill...), but its so common now where only the quick dollar counts and we live in the land of the 2 Dollar shops and throwaway society.
    Thats why I was so happy to have found Tom Bihn bags!! :-) I love that they are made in USA, that they are high quality and so well designed, they are so clever and with people in mind who use these bags on a daily base.
    I love antique clocks and you can see how much attention to detail these clocks have and how well everything is built to still give precise time even after 130 years...same thing, built to last (now I wont be around to see if my bags last that it is craftmenship that I am happy to pay for. :-)

    Now when I am out I watch other peoples bags....and I am constantly thinking "you guys have the wrong bags"

    Only problem is...they are high quality and you may need only 1 or 2, but they are also highly addictive and you really need one of each model...and than eyeing up other colours is 'stage 2' addiction I guess. But that is absolutely OK, we have a bag for every occasion and my daughter is already trying to steal my cafe bag, so I guess I will have to buy another one ...sometime....soon. :-)

    I better stop ranting....I guess I caught the TB fever.

    take care too...

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