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    Loving my new CoPilot

    I have had my CoPilot for a few weeks now and I have been using for an everyday bag. The CoPilot goes with me everywhere I go. The reason I take it everywhere is because I am a tech support specialist and can be called at anytime. The amazing thing is what fits in it.

    Here is what I carry.

    Right outer pocket.

    Hand sanitizer
    Spare set of car keys
    Small TB clear zippered wallet (I use it for commuter train tickets, my drivers license, cash and credit card when I fly so I can store my wallet in my carry on when traveling)
    Small TB organizer pouch (Asprins, lip balm, mints, etc)
    Small TB organizer pouch (RSA Security tokens)
    iPhone headphones in case

    Left outer pocket:

    In the inside pocket my iPod
    Various cables & chargers for iPad, iPod, iPhone, kindle, Bluetooth earpiece, surface tablet.
    I hope to pickup a organizer pouch to fit all of them

    Middle Pocket:

    Insulated aluminum water bottle

    Back compartment:

    Inside pockets kindle paper white and iPad mini in an otter box case
    Full size iPad in Otterbox case - used for work
    Microsoft Surface Tablet with its keyboard cover in a foam pouch
    MiFi hotspot in TB padded case

    I think that covers it all. I am taking it on its first flight on Thursday, and of all places, Seattle. I hope to stop at the TB retail store when I leave the airport on my way to the hotel..

    BTW I also bought a WesternFlyer for trip like this (2 days) and will be deliveries just in time to take it on its first flight.

    For those curious... I do have to check one bage because I cannot carry its contents on the plane. I have a Pelical roller with my tools, parts, and another computer that I check in..

    Look for my review of the wester flyer when I return
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    Great to hear you love your Co-Pilot. I like the look of it, but can't quite see it as right for me. I a fa of Otterbox cases too. I have a Defender for my iPhone 5. It makes it easier to handle and harder to drop (an everyday hazard for me, I'm afraid) and when I do drop it it just bounces. On the other hand, if I'm being posh, I can unclip it, slip it in to my tan coloured Sena Ultraslim case, which is both smart and functional. You'll love the Western Flyer, I'm sure... mine is just great!

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    @BusTrav - great post! Very helpful for me in 'justifying' a Co-Pilot (yeah, I really don't *need* one but I really want one!). Fingers crossed you make it out to the TB retail store!!


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