I've been testing out the newly-available Glowire and mostly love it!

Love It -
Bright bright bright! I have no doubt that I will be better seen when crossing the street or walking where there are no sidewalks when it is dark, foggy, or otherwise limited visibility. Visibility was the top reason I was interested in Glowire. My walk is ten minutes each way, so it should last about three months on the two (included!) AA batteries.

I installed it using the directions on the product page, but had plenty extra so I have a double line on the bottom. Installation was easy and I may try other threading just for fun. I don't usually use the bungee on my Smart Alec for daily commuting, so I wouldn't lose functionality if I thread it in a more fun pattern. There is extra length of the Glowire when threading it via the directions, and that's just too tempting to not try a criss-cross weave.

The operation of switching between solid on, slow flash, and fast flash (and off) is simple - just toggle through using the button on the driver unit/power supply.

Which brings me to the parts I don't love as much -
Carrying my bag from the car to my desk one day (no walking that day!), the button got pressed and I was on fast flash by the time I got to the office. I have the driver unit sitting in a side pocket of the Smart Alec, and I will probably tuck it in one of the organizer slots and see if that protects the button at all. It is easy to push, but sticks out far enough to have an accidental push.

The driver unit housing feels like cheap plastic and I'm not sure if the little opening for the batteries will stay on or pop off over time. I might put a rubber band around it to make it more secure.

When on, the driver unit emits a very high-pitched tone that changes with the speed of flashing (or solid on). This isn't a huge deal since I didn't hear it once I was walking to work, but it is was noticeable at home when I was playing around with it. My 41-year-old ears can at least still hear it, so I've got that going for me! This really isn't a big negative, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Conclusion -
I really like the Glowire because of how bright it is, and that it is simple to install on my Smart Alec. I almost can't wait for shorter days so I can really put it to use on dark walks - but not really!