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    Co-Pilot: Oh So Close! Update

    The Co-Pilot went back and was exchanged with out hassle delay (thanks to the excellent customer service of TB - kudos to Beau and Scott) for the iPad Cadet black/wasab with the standard strap. This was what I should of chosen in the first place (Darcy I bow to your impeccable knowledge and admit I should have heeded the advice you gave me back in June 2012).

    It is a great little bag, very well put together (of course) and would be fine in a corporate boardroom environment. The pockets in the front portion are very well laid out as are the rings for attaching straps. The padding on the bottom of the main pocket is fine so long as I do not use the bag for discus throwing and is perfect for my Lenovo x220, It carries the folders and papers I need without bending the edges. What I needed from the beginning was a smaller brief case like this. What I wanted was the design of the Co-Pilot. I wish I had a spot my water bottle or coffee mug.

    If you have a Lenovo x220 or 230, this is a great fit.

    My ideal bag would be Co-Pilot's front pockets melded to the smaller iPad Cadet's main pocket with about a 1/2 inch added to the width and length of the bag (hint, hint). :)
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