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Thread: My new Aeronaut

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    Cool My new Aeronaut

    OK so I posted all about my new CoPilot and how I was taking the CoPilot and Western a flyer in its first trip to Seattle. Well as I type this I am at my hotel in Seattle. I visited the TB store today with the intention of buying a Tri-Star but after speaking with the sales rep he explained the Aeronaut was a better choice for what I needed. So I purchased the Aeronaut as well as the shoulder strap and packing cubes. Now to figure out how to get it all home. Since discovering TB I now own the following:

    1 CoPilot
    1 Imago
    1 western Flyer
    1 Aeronaut

    Plus numerous pouches and a carry strap.

    I have the flowing business trips in the next two months planned:

    5 days in Florida
    5 days in Topeka KS
    5 days in Silicon Valley

    My TB bags will be on each of those trips.

    Thanks Tom bor some GREAT travel bags..

    My only suggestion would be to make the Aeronaut with a pass through so I can mount it on my Pelican 1510 that I always have to check because of its contents.

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    Thanks BusTrav for your timely review as I am about to pull the trigger on a Tri-Star. Would you mind sharing some insights which led the sales rep to his conclusion. I am coming from a Red Oxx AirBoss which packs similar to the TS.

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    You saw this? I far prefer the TriStar over the Aeronaut.
    When in trouble, obfuscate.

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    I purchased an Aeronaut a couple of months ago and took it on its maiden voyage this past weekend. I bought the bag because my old rolling carryon is really way too big for current regulations. Strangely, no one has ever made me check it, but I knew it was just a matter of time. Plus, hauling a wheeled bag up and down multiple flights of stairs (as I've had to do whenever visiting either my parents in Nebraska or my friends in Chicago) has become more unpleasant with every passing year. Finally, the increasing miniaturization of electronics has recently made one-bag travel seem viable to me in a way that it never did before.

    For this trip, I packed my clothes, 3-1-1, cosmetics, travel cords, and a small mp3 speaker in the Aeronaut. I put my MacBook Air (in a Horizontal Cache), iPhone, Nook, keys, wallet, and on-flight comfort items (noise-reduction headset, eyeshade, Fluxus Nomad scarf, notebook and pen) in a Jack Spade Field Bag. Almost EVERYONE on the small regional carrier I took had to check their tiny rolling carryons. But not me! I breezed onto the plane, tossed my Aeronaut in the overhead, and tucked my other bag under the seat, secure in the knowledge that I wouldn't be spending time at the baggage carousel at the end of my voyage.

    The bag itself is beautiful (the forest green color is a knockout!), well-made, and comfortable to carry in either Absolute Strap or backpack mode. Thank you, Tom Bihn and TB employees. I couldn't be happier with my purchase... though I'm slightly concerned about just how much money I'll wind up spending here!

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