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    Pictures of used synapse backpack

    Hi. I am new here. I own a couple of Tom bihn cafe bags and am considering a synapse backpack. All of the pics I see is when they are new right out of the box. How do they look when they are aged and well worn? Anybody have any pictures of a synapse that has seen some action for a year or two....or more?

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    this is amongst the first of the synapse backpacks - which isn't all that old. it looks just as wonderful as my first Tom Bihn backpack - the smart alec, which is 10 years old. come to think of it, the smart alec isn't all that old as far as Tom Bihn bags go! :)

    Pictures of used synapse backpack-imageuploadedbytapatalk1367538254-936176-jpg

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    I also have the same Synapse pictured so I won't post a picture, but let me say that the thing is bulletproof! I've washed it several times, most recently last weekend when I spilled a rootbeer float on it. It looks as new as the day I received it 1.5? yrs. ago. Zippers are all fine, no threads hanging's great!

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