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Thread: Bag Crazy

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    Bag Crazy

    OK, ever since I discovered TB I am addicted. I started off with a CoPilot as an every day bag And carry on. I have been flying a lot more this year and did not want two pieces of luggage with wheels. I have a Pelican 1510 I have to check because it contains my tools, laptop and other items needed for work. Some of the Tim's are not allowed on the plane woo check it. The next bag I bought was a Western Flyer for 1 - 2 night trips. I used the Western Flyer on 3 day 2 night trip to Seattle. While I was there I stopped at he TB store nd picked up a Aronaut for business trip when I take my car. When I returned home I found out I have a marathon of trips coming up. I have a 6 day/ 5 night trip to Miami. I get home on Friday and then on Sunday I leave for a 6 day/5 night trip to Kansa. I arrive home on Friday and then on Sunday I leave for a 7 day/ 6 night trip to CA. So I ordered a Tri-star which will arrive on Monday. All my trips are business casual, and my concept of business casual is VERY casual. anyway I plan on using the Tri-star on the Florida and KS trips and either the Aeronaut or my Red Ox Air Boss for the trip to CA. Since I do not carry my laptop in any of the bags they should be OK for each trip (I hope). Keep in mind I am a runner and need a pair of running shorts and t-shirt for each day.

    BTW... I do carry an iPad and Microsoft Surface tablet in my Co Pilot.

    Hope the Tri star will work for me. The Westwrn Flyer was perfect for the 3 day/2 night trip to Seattle

    So now I own

    Co Pilot
    Western Flyer
    Tri star (due Monday)

    Am I bag crazy. Probably but checking my pelican case and carrying my co pilot and other TB bag has been working...

    With all the travels at least het are all First Class

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    Sorry for the horrible typing.. I am writing his on my iPad

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