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    Synapse and the Cadet: pertfect commuter bags

    I commute here and there every day on public transport or my own two feet. After 6 months with my Synapse and using my 11” airbook/iPad Cadet daily for the past 10 days I can really say without hesitation these two are the most dependable friends you'll ever have. Depending on where I’m headed each day, they each haul my gear with no complaints and look fine doing so.

    Synapse and the Cadet: pertfect commuter bags-p1020115-2-jpg

    My daily haul consists of:

    - Lenovo x 220;

    - Mini dyneema pouch with hearing aid and CI batteries and controller for the CI;

    - Mini dyneema pouch with coffee money (much more important than the above);

    Small dyneema pouch with scissors, eraser, pencil sharpener, two thumb drives, small paper clips, book points and mini binder clips in the Altoids tin;

    - Glasses case (either has my prescription glasses or sunnies, without which I do a very good impression of Mr. Magoo);

    - Note pad, rollerball, ball point, pencil, 6” ruler, red felt tip and high-lighter.

    - Not pictured (because I could not squeeze then into the picture frame): Lenovo charger and mouse in a mini dyneema stuff sack, agenda, coffee thermos/water bottle (but not both in the Cadet), note books of various sizes, whatever I am reading at the time and my cell phone.

    In the Synapse I usually stuff a light jacket, sweater or fleece for the evenings and the water bottle or coffee thermos I cannot fit in the rear sleeve of the Cadet. My friends keep me stocked for what I need throughout the day when I’m away from home.

    For those of you who are photogs: the synapse also does double duty as my photo bag for daily trips with part of my DSLR kit. I use a non-TB insert (forgive me, please, but I got it before I discovered TB). I carry my Canon 40D with the EF-S 15-85mm lens attached and carry my EF 70-200mm L in the insert. In the side pockets I have spare batteries, cards and filters. In the middle pocket (or in the bottom pocket if I am carrying a water bottle or coffee thermos) I can fit a Gorilla Pod. It’s great because it does not look like a typical photo backpack.

    These bags are all I need. ‘Nuff said.
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