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    Return to the Philippines with Tom Bihn

    We have just returned from a 3 week trip to the Philippines to attend my sister-in-law's wedding and
    with us came the Tri-Star, Western Flyer, Synapse 19 and the backpack and shoulder cube bags.

    First let me say tat the flight back and forth there involved 5 flight transfers and on every flight (even on
    the smallest plane) the Western Flyer and Tri-Star fit underneath our seats. You might ask where did I
    put the Synapse 19on the planes? I placed it in the middle compartment of the Tri-Star (empty and flat
    except for Ipad Mini and a 2 phones and wires) and it fit perfectly. We did not did any heavy clothes since
    it is so hot there (except for a gown for the misses and long dress pants for me since we were in the
    wedding. All other dress clothing was rented for the occasion when we got there.

    The Synapse 19 was the perfect bag for EDC as the jeepneys, vans, and Tricycles as they are all
    to crowded to be getting in and out of with a larger day bag. The packing cube backpack was used
    as our grocery bag at the markets and the shoulder packing cube was my wife's only purse.

    Return to the Philippines with Tom Bihn-p1060340-jpg

    Her favorite combo the Western Flyer and Shoulder packing cube for a purse.

    Return to the Philippines with Tom Bihn-p1060342-jpg

    The Tri-Star waiting to duke it out with the small Bombardier CR 300 prop plane.

    Return to the Philippines with Tom Bihn-p1060351-jpg

    The packing cube backpack ready to pick some vegetables and fruit at the market.

    Return to the Philippines with Tom Bihn-p1060373-jpg

    The Synapse 19 riding on back of the famous Filipino jeepneys.

    Return to the Philippines with Tom Bihn-p1060497-jpg

    Trying to lead the family Carabao. I don't think he was happy with my lead.

    On our last trip to the PI we took our Aeronauts with the Smart Alec but on this
    trip we decided to downsize a little more and found that we could pack almost as
    much as we really needed with the smaller Western Flyer and Tri-Star. The only
    disclaimer to this we did bring a wheeled check in bag that we bought used for $7
    at the local goodwill store. After all it was a wedding and we had to bring gifts and
    goodies for the family but we did bring it back and left it for the family to use.
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    Great photos! Sounds like an awesome trip--thanks for sharing!

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