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Thread: New side effect

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    Sep 2010

    New side effect

    I just received the new Side Effect in Aubergine/Wasabi.

    Way back, I did order one of the original Side Effects, but returned as it didn't really suit my needs at that time. It was made of cordura, and it could be that my memory is faulty, but it seemed smaller than the current version, and also bulkier with the attached waist belt.

    In contrast, this one fits my wallet, iPhone, and Kindle Paperwhite, along with other necessities. It will be useful if I just want something small to grab at work when going to lunch, and for traveling, to keep my necessities contained within my larger bag. It is very generously sized, but thin enough to fit easily into the other bags I have. I chose the purple color over something more conservative because it will be harder to lose (or to 'go walking'), and ballistic nylon because it seems more protective. The newly available wrist strap is the piece de resistance; I much prefer it over a bulkier shoulder strap.

    Good job, Tom Bihn!

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    Feb 2009
    I love the new Side Effects as well...I have two, both in Dyneema (steel and wasabi). One lives in the side pocket of my Smart Alec organizing small bits/bobs. The other is my "floater"...that was just kidnapped by the wife for a weekend trip. May need another.

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    Let me add my voice to the chorus of SE love. I have both the new and the old versions, and surprisingly, they ARE the same exact size. But I agree, bchaplin, the new version does seem roomier. I think it's the lack of that bulky waist strap that makes the difference.

    I just received a Wasabi Dyneema SE yesterday, to go along with my gorgeous Aubergine/Wasabi SE. Though I love them both, there is something about the give of the Dyneema that makes it seem roomier than the ballistic version. But the ballistic version holds its shape better, so there is something to like about both of them. The Dyneema one is slightly lighter, as well; and when I'm out walking I seem to feel every ounce.

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