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    Ego and the Absolute Strap Hack...

    Hello to you all,

    I thought I would share a simple modification I made to the Ego Bag. As a police officer, I find that this particular bag is handy and with the flatter profile it rides well carrying over the shoulder. However, I do not like the attachment point for the Absolute Strap because you have to thread the strap through the plastic buckle, and you lose the use of the swivel hooks. There are many occasions where I might pick the bag up and find the strap is twisted and then I have to go through that whole dance in order to make it straight again. Irritating.

    I was a parachute rigger in the Marine Corps, so I still have a big bag full of all sorts of nylon straps, buckles and what have you so it was a simple matter to use a couple of welded rings and a few inches of strapping and voilà, problem solved... For comparison, here is the modified Ego next to my Navy Large Café Bag with its original strap attachment. I will dig around and try to find something in black, but I thought the contrast would be better for this photograph.


    Ego and the Absolute Strap Hack...-ego-hack-1-jpg
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    This is pretty cool.

    Could you recommend a source for the rings and straps?

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    Hi there,

    I bought the rings from Lowe's, I believe they are 2 inch diameter, welded and nickel plated. Just make sure that the rings that you buy are welded and not just bent to a circular configuration. Most any well-stocked hardware store will carry them. I think they cost about three dollars for the pair. The nylon is 1 1/2 inches wide and perhaps you have a climbing supplies/REI store that sells nylon strap in bulk.

    Or, if you are sure you will never use the simple strap that came with your bag and you will always use the Absolute strap, just cut 7 inches (for each side) from that strap, use a Bic lighter and sear the ends or to do it a bit neater, I use a pencil point soldering iron.

    If you cannot find the strap material and you do not want to use the one you have, PM me and I can probably round up a few pieces for you. They may be green pieces like is photographed here, until I dig through my other footlockers...

    Just do not tell anyone I was nice...

    Maybe Tom Bihn could offer a simple parts kit (two rings, two 7" lengths of nylon webbing) those who want to switch over to the Absolute strap and maintain use of their swivels...?
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