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    New TB Smart Alec "Diaper Bag"

    W: Did you FINALLY choose a backpack?
    Me: Yes
    W: Which one?
    Me: This one...
    W: looks like a...diaper bag.

    And so my new bag was named.

    First photo, bag by itself with some dirty clothes inside to give it shape.
    New TB Smart Alec "Diaper Bag"-sa-diaper-bag-jpg

    I added the orange utility cord so I have a place to stow my hiking stick, like so.
    New TB Smart Alec "Diaper Bag"-hiking-poles-jpg

    I've also ordered it with the straps so I have additional attachment points like when I also want to lug my small tripod on it. Attached to the bottom most strap, supporting the tripod is a chalk bag.
    New TB Smart Alec "Diaper Bag"-poles-small-tripod-jpg
    Unfortunately, the same setup won't work for my big (and heavy) tripod as the weight on the far end of the backpack put too much weight on my back and shoulders.

    I love that Wasabi interior.
    New TB Smart Alec "Diaper Bag"-wasabi-interior-jpg

    Closeup of the Nylon (black)/Dyneema (white) material. It looks like the dyneema strands are thinner, yet stronger, than the nylon strands.
    New TB Smart Alec "Diaper Bag"-nylon-dyneema-closeup-jpg
    I can see dust already, good thing I took photos before I actually use it.

    (more later)

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    New TB SA...part 2

    "Diaper bag" will be travelling with me to Asia soon and the reason I bought it was because my previous backback was not big enough to hold both my camera gear and 13" macbook air.

    Cargo mode is where all the things I don't want to check-in gets carried with me.
    New TB Smart Alec "Diaper Bag"-cargo-mode-jpg
    Inside are lenses and camera (in the liner of my think-tank waistpack), travel documents, ballhead, some powerbars, 13" MBA and charger, plug adapter, ipod and headsets for entertainment, compass. I was actually surprised how roomy the backpack was. It will actually take in the entire think-tank quickdraw waist pack as well as the MBA+case and still have plenty of space left.

    Second configuration is for a light photo day hike.
    New TB Smart Alec "Diaper Bag"-photo-day-hike-jpg
    Inside are camera+lenses+filters+CF cards in the same liner as before (usually though, the camera would be out not in), camera plates+straps, map and compass, 1L water bottle, power bars in case I get hungry, flashlight and headlamp, poncho if it's threatening to rain. Outside are tripod and ballhead, walking sticks, and depending on the season hat and/or traction device.

    The last configuration is experimental which is for a five day international business travel with three days worth of meetings (note: I'm not in sales so no need to wear a suit).
    New TB Smart Alec "Diaper Bag"-bus-intl-jpg
    Inside are my waterfield case (containing a 13" macbook air+charger+network adapter+the two video adapters+magic mouse), travel docs, plug adapter, ipod+headphones, big packing cube (containing 1 pair jeans, 3 cotton longs sleeved shirts), med packing cube (containing 3 undershirts, 3 casual shirts, 1 pair shorts), small packing cube (containing 4 pair socks, 4 undies), toiletries (not shown), snacks and finally compass. The laptop case goes with me to the office so it has to go into the bag.

    Here it is, stuffed and fully packed.
    New TB Smart Alec "Diaper Bag"-fully-stuffed-jpg
    I'm actually surprised everything fit and considering I took fewer clothing articles last time I did a three day trip, it looks like it's certainly going to be doable stuffing everything in the SA. Worst case, the laptop bag can be taken out which would leave additional space inside for other things.

    (note: tom bihn crew, feel free to use the photos in your customer images section).

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    Thanks for the excellent photos! I've been thinking of one-bagging with a Smart Alec and your pics could seal the deal! I'd get that very bag, steel Dyneema with wasabi.

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    Nice! I love seeing how folks pack their SA. It gives me ideas on how to pack my own. I was hoping that actual diapers were involved in the packing of this "diaper bag", though. I was intrigued. I bet a LOT of diapers would fit.

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    Your bag looks super sharp, especially with the orange cord. I love it!

    Packing and gadget geek, collecting bags to disperse to my family.

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