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And I know to say this next item is to invite abuse, but

.... really $50 for a small bag (with lining and little slots, granted) is not attractive to me. I can rationalize at $28 but at $50, I have to say, nope. I could get a cafe bag for a bit more.... so it's all in what you like. I know people who have 3 and 4 side effects, so clearly others disagree (and often pointedly and rudely) with me on this one. I ordered some and sent them back. one, in nordic even...sigh.
I remember the exact moment when I first saw the SE - sitting at work looking at luggage sites - up popped the SE 'oh my' was my response. I should have bought one right then but now I'm unexpectedly 'retired' and have extremely limited resources. I managed to save enough for the fabric 3D PC - when sturbridge referred to it as a 'gateway' bag I ordered the black one. Love it love it love it - it's making me really pare down what is needed for shopping or out walking.

A SE will be mine one day....