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    Balanced-challenged Professor and her Synapse 25

    So I have had my Synapse 25 for about a month and a half now, so I thought it would be time to finally write a review.

    I got my 25 when I finally came due for a new work laptop and traded in my Dell brick for a 15" Macbook Pro (non-retina). My old Timbuk2 messenger was in dire need of replacement, so I decided to splurge for the Synapse 25. The other TB bags I have are a MCB, Swift and Side Effect.

    So some things about the Synapse 25

    1. I'm about 5'5, and it fits me fine (and I am not long-bodied. It hits right at the top of my butt and isn't uncomfortable)
    2. It looks nice and neat and not so student back-packy. This is important to me, as I am a college professor and still look kinda young. I was a bit dubious about a backpack because of that, but its easier for me to carry because of my balance troubles.
    3. So I have balance problems and get bouts of vertigo (screwed up inner-ears.) And I have to say that the Synapse is incredibly well-balanced. Even stuffed with books and computer, it is easy to carry once it is on my back. This for me is the deal-clincher. I can tip over all on my own on a bad day, so I needed a backpack that didn't add to my problems. And the Synapse is that backpack.
    4. I fit my Side-Effect in the bottom compartment and pull it out and wear it as a purse when I am going around campus and don't need to haul my computer.
    5. It is good looking. Seriously. So many faculty members have asked me about it. I have demo-d the cache with rails on it to others who have been seriously impressed. The best moment was with a librarian friend who saw me wearing it and was like "Is that the new Synapse 25?!" and she proceeded to examine it in front of rather amused looking senior faculty who were standing around us. She has the 19 which she uses to carry her breast pump stuff to work everyday.
    6. It swallows my huge Rubbermaid water bottle just fine.
    7. It's pretty. Did I say it's pretty already?
    8. Its a black hole that I just keep dropping stuff into and it all fit. Yet it is suprisingly slim.
    9. I got caught in a Texas downpour (a righteous one) and everything stayed dry as I furiously ran from the library to my office.

    I plan to travel a lot next month with my Synapse, so I'll post more thoughts then, but for me, it is the most insane amount of money I have spent on a backpack but it is money well spent.

    Synapse swallowing water bottle

    Synapse with Macbook Pro and iPad and knitting in the main compartment. Water bottle and Side Effect in other compartments.

    I am super-pleased. I think my next bag may be a co-Pilot. I covet a TriStar or Aeronaut, but I struggle to carry anything really heavy on my back (and I'm an overpacked) because of the balance issues, so I may just have to stay with my spinner suitcase for airports. Oh Well.
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    That's a lovely review. I have the Synapse 19, and was wowed when the 25 came out, but was concerned it would be too much bag. I like how the 19 really makes me think about what to put in it. Still, for the bottom pocket alone I'm intrigued, as I also carry a Side Effect, and while I can fit it in the bottom pocket on my 19, it is a bit of a squeeze. I'm glad to hear that you find that it still has a narrow profile and you can manage the load adequately. I'm thinking my next big purchase from TB will be a TriStar, but I enjoyed reading your review.

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