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    Guardian DF Light - Strap Mount version

    I love all of my TB products but have really found useful the strap-mounted version of the Guardian DF Light (don't know how to hot link to product page - sorry!).

    I have one light attached to the closure strap on my hemp Swift. Hanging most of the time as shown, it serves as a safety light. When flipped over inside it's really useful to find contents lost in the depths of the bag.

    Guardian DF Light - Strap Mount version-p1030320-jpg

    The Guardian DF light with strap-mount base also attaches nicely and securely to the waist strap attachment points at one end of the SE and is readily available when needed. I have not checked to see it the light will fit with the waist strap attached as I use the SE with the wrist strap.

    Guardian DF Light - Strap Mount version-p1030314-jpg

    I find the light useful and also like "its look", esp. on the Swift.

    Note - the jute bow tied around one of the Swift carry handles quickly demarcates for me the location of the specific O-ring where my keys are attached. I like its "look", too!

    Hope these suggestions are useful to others, as many of yours have been so useful to me!

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    Very clever -- I had no idea Guardian DF Light - Strap Mount would attach to the LS or Side Effect!
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    Thanks, Darcy. The light attaches well, easily and securely. The one on the Swift has been there for a number of months and the bag is carried daily. The SE has only been attached a few days but feels even more secure. I really like the light (although a bit heavy) - the Swift actually looks "naked" to me w/o the light attached! :)

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