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Thread: Welcome home

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    Welcome home

    Welcome home-screen-shot-2013-08-01-11-32-47-am-pngWelcome home-photo-3-jpg

    My TB shopping disorder led to an interesting experiment in shipping time:

    From prior orders, I knew that first-class envelopes tend to come faster than the ever-anticipated and highly celebrated TB boxes. However, I'd never had a box-worthy order shipped first-class before. The box on the right was ordered on a Wednesday and arrived the following Wednesday with UPS. The box on the left was ordered second on Friday, and also arrived on Wednesday with USPS. Lesson learned: USPS saves 2 whole days of TB anticipation syndrome for us east-coasters.

    When I arrived home from work, I saw that the delivery people had artistically arranged the packages in front of the door, and I quickly snapped a photo with my iPhone. Welcome home to double Tom Bihn day!

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    How lucky are you! Look at all those colorful goodies!

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