Shortest review ever: perfect.

Thanks for reading! LOL

Had to replace my 4-year old Apple iBook recently and got the 11" Air. Spent about 45 minutes looking all over for a sleeve/case/etc. I travel quite a bit to present a lot of cont. ed. seminars to chiros and usually carry a backpack as my carryon. I usually use a messenger bag/shoulder bag for going to work during the week, though. I considered whether to get a vertical or horizontal Cache and went with vertical because it seemed like the smaller opening = harder for the laptop to slip out in case of a mishap.

The Cache fits snugly, but not too tight to be annoying and definitely not loosely enough for the laptop to slip out unless you have EXTREMELY bad luck or have it upside down and are shaking it out.

Padding seems perfect, and it's as low-pro as it can get. In short, I really think the thing is perfect.

The only thing I don't like is that I feel like the little strip with the logo should've been put on the other open corner of the bag because it seems upside down to me, but that could just be my brain being wired incorrectly, too! LOL