New Snake Charmer, side effect, passport pouch and a surprise...-tom-bihn-jpg

WARNING, THIS post could go on for days because I'm overwhelmed by the Fantastic customer service at Tom Bihn...
So this summer while camping I was overcome with the beauty of Aspens and decided that when I got home I was going to order the Swift in Cork. To me cork looks like Aspens. So I did, it was back ordered but I didn't care. And the bonus... and little red white and blue surprise.

A few weeks passed and I needed to place another order. My daughter had "borrowed" my much used side effect and I wanted to get her one, plus we're heading to the UK in March and needed a passport pouch. As a side note, the earlier referenced daughter, had a black eye(from falling off her horse) and refused to comb her hair on the day her picture was taken for her passport. Lovely-- indeed. The side effect was on back order and the snake charmer, no worries...I placed my order and said when the back ordered Swift was ready, just send them all together.

A week later I received the sad call that Cork swift was not be. I understood and was glad that Tom Bihn takes such good care of their customers.

Yesterday, I received my order. Not only did the Tom Bihn folks get the side effect out a month and half early, BUT they also sent the little, red, white and blue surprise.
I was truly surprised.