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    CoPilot EDC suggestion

    I've been using my CoPilot as an EDC for a few weeks now. From a functionality perspective, it is exceeding my expectations. I can pretty much carry what I want.

    My suggestion is I add some padding to the bottom of the bag because everytime I set it down on something hard, I can hear my iPad knock. I am gentle with the bag, but if I am ever the slightest bit careless, I might damage my iPad.

    A Cache is an option but it is just one more case inside of a case.

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    I would agree too. Having some bottom padding is always helpful.
    As a workaround, when I want more protection in a bag:

    1) I buy some of black corrugated plastic material (you can get this at a hardware store or art supply place) and cut it to the size I want.
    2) I add some thin foam (could be from weather striping or cut it from an an old neoprene or memory foam sleeve)
    3) To stick the foam to the plastic, I use black duct tape over the foam (does not need to look too good as it is going on the bottom).
    4) I buy velcro pieces/strips that are sticky on one side (you can get this at a office supply or hardware store) and stick one side to the bag and the other to the padding made in steps 1-2-3. This keeps the padding in place.

    The above is about as complex as a kid's small art project - in other words - easy.
    I have done this for the base of my Brain Bag and to add the solid protection to my Brain Cell.

    As a +1, you can try making a small "box" with the corrugated plastic to further protect things.

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    I agree completely – some padding at the bottom of the Co-Pilot would help – something like the Ristretto. The Cache is a good option.

    As a workaround, when I need more shock and impact protection in a bag (the TB 1050D high tenacity Ballistic Nylon takes care of the scratch and abrasion issues), I create some padding:

    Materials (usually can get from an Art, Hardware or Office Supply Store – think kid’s projects)
    Black Corrugated Plastic
    Foam (weather stripping or as high density foam as possible or an old neoprene/memory foam sleeve)
    Black duct tape
    Optional - Velcro with one side sticky (if you want to have it attached to the bag)
    Optional – Strip magnets (if you want it attached magnetically to the bag)

    Cut a base from the Black Corrugated plastic that fits into the bag.
    Then attach one side with foam and tape with the duct tape.
    Optionally, stick the Velcro or magnets to the other side and stick the corresponding Velcro set or magnets to the bag to have the padding stay in position in the bag.

    Extra points – make an open box with the plastic to provide 5 sided protection and perhaps a cover.

    I have done this for my TB Brain Bag base and for the top of my TB Brain Cells.

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    I've got a cache for my tablet; pads it great. Though, a good, dense pad along the bottom isn't a bad idea.
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    I disagree. I've had a steel dyneema CoPilot for several months. In the main compartment I typically carry an iPad mini in a cache and a small knitting project in a stuff sack. One of things I like about the CP is its "squishability" meaning I can fit my loaded bag into a relatively small space and it will conform to the space. Further, I can fold the CP up and put it in a larger bag. Padding in the bottom of the bag would give the bag structure I'm not sure I want or need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunchgrass View Post
    Padding in the bottom of the bag would give the bag structure I'm not sure I want or need.
    And that pretty much sums up why the Co-Pilot doesn't have built-in padding: if it's built-in, people can't choose whether they want it or not, and maybe they wouldn't want it because it adds weight to the bag, or structure they don't need, or the padding is in the wrong place for them. Allowing people to add padding should they choose in a specific size for their specific device is usually the way we do things. We think of it as the best of both worlds. That said, as always, feedback is much appreciated, and some bags (Ristretto) do have built-in padding...
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    I chose the Co-Pilot because it doesn't have padding. The Zephyr was a potential choice, but the stiff structure and weight didn't work for me at all. I have both the Co-Pilot and the Imago, and as Darcy stated, adding the padding for particular devices is easy and allows for flexibility in packing.

    I can understand the other viewpoint, though, because the Co-Pilot's organization is amazing. I believe it would be a big seller in many sizes and forms!

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