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    My tech accessories travel kit

    Hi everyone

    I thought I would post some shots of my tech accessories travel kit, for anyone who is wondering how much a 3D mesh cube can hold. I take this kit on every trip (with minor variations depending on destination). This kit does not include accessories for my MacBook Air 11", which are separately packed in their own 3D mesh cube (I try to minimise travel with my MBA to save space and weight).

    Here is a shot of my kit. As usual please excuse the craptastic photography (taken with my iPhone 4S, but that's not the reason the photos are ordinary :)). Not shown: iPhone and iPad Mini.

    My tech accessories travel kit-techpack-3-jpg

    In this shot (starting at the top of the left hand column):

    Adaptor for use with IFE systems for Bose QC20i noise cancelling ear buds (pulled out of an old set of Bose noise cancelling earphones)
    Retractable ethernet cable
    Adaptor (varies depending on country of destination)
    Apple charger
    Jambox Jawbone small bluetooth speaker (sitting on its case)
    Bose QG20i noise cancelling earbuds (sitting on case)
    Mini torch (just next to the earbuds)
    Audio splitter cable
    USB-Micro USB cable
    USB-30 pin cable (will be omitted after I upgrade my iPhone to the 5S)
    USB-lightning cable
    2 x 30 pin to lightning adaptors
    64Gb flash drive (has iDevice connectivity but a pretty useless app!)
    Mobile wifi
    AV composite cable (omitted on short/busy trips)
    Spare charger
    Spare USB-micro USB cable

    This all packs up like this:

    My tech accessories travel kit-techpack-4-jpg

    Everything is in the Iberian dyneema 3D mesh cube except the speaker and the earbuds (each in their own case) and the mifi, flashdrive and one 30 pin-lightning adaptor, which are in the TB wallet. I pack the earbuds, mifi and flash drive separately because they form part of my EDC load.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Thanks for sharing - this has me rethinking how I pack my tech gear. Also, I need more strapeez.

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    This is what I use

    My tech accessories travel kit-toolbox-jpg

    Still a tight fit too!


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    Nice looking kit ... Mine is similar

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    Nice rig Ed! Nice tech accessories kit too of course.
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    Thanks,I like it!

    The Sprinter is a beast and even towing I get over 20mpg with it.

    The Egg in back is my Hotel Room and both are stuffed with Tech of course!

    The Trailer is only 17' long including the frame and bumper yet I have 3 TVs in there,just because I can!


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