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    My first box art!

    My first box art, in honor of my 8 year old daughter. She loves all animals, especially the ones that everyone else hates. Roaches, vultures, opossums, spiders, rats. You name it, she loves it. She says that she loves the "unloved animals" the most.

    Thanks for the lovely drawings of some of her favorite unloved animals!

    2013-10-31 11.56.04 by agtobler, on Flickr

    Obligatory open box photo: shop bags, and packing cubes. Happy day!

    2013-10-31 10.09.03 by agtobler, on Flickr

    Packing and gadget geek, collecting bags to disperse to my family.

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    I love it! Very nice choice of goodies too. Also love that your daughter loves those animals -- they all need love too. I have warm spot in my heart for vultures. Think of how awful things would be without them! She can keep the spiders though ;)

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