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    Initial Impressions of Updated Large Cafe Bag

    UPS delivered a Large Cafe Bag in the new Olive parapack material and lined with Wasabi dyneema to me today :) Happy happy day!

    My initial impression: Wow.

    Tom Bihn and crew have done it again!

    And I have several other cordura LCBs in bright, fun colors- which I still dearly love and use.

    The olive is darker than it appears on the website and it has a beautiful sheen that is difficult to capture on film. I love it.

    I also received samples of the 4 new parapack colors. Yum. The Navy is my favorite (go figure, I know, as I am apparently a Navy Girl), the Olive is a close second. I was also surprised by how much I liked the steel, as I'm not normally a fan of steel cordura or ballistic nylon (I mean, it's beautiful and I admire it and all that but with other colors it tends to be one of my last choices).

    If- when?- they make the Cafe bags in Navy parapack with Iberian lining, I will probably buy one in each size. Just sayin :)

    In the meantime, I'm rockin my lovely new Olive LCB! Love it!

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    Are the pockets in the same place? Are there extra O-rings?

    I have a nice collection of Large Cafe Bags in Cordura, as well, any difference you could point out would be greatly appreciated!

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    I also ordered an Olive Parapack LCB and was surprised by how much I like the color, especially with the Wasabi Dyneema interior. It is my only LCB (so far :)) so I cannot tell you what the differences are, backpack. There is a zippered pocket with 1 o-ring. The interior has 3 o-rings, 2 pen slots, and 3 pockets of slightly differing sizes. And there is the back pocket that I really wish had an o-ring so I could clip my Medium Clear Organizer Pouch with travel documents and know that it will not accidentally slip out.
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