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    Tom Bihn bags in action

    I am finally editing my crazy backlog of photos, and wanted to share some of my recent bag shots.

    Family of four, 2 weeks in Spain, and all our luggage is pictured. Aeronaut and Synapse 25 for me, both a little overstuffed. I look forward to finding a way to further lighten the load. The rest of the fam is carrying non TB bags, but I hope to change that one day soon.

    IMG_8869 by agtobler, on Flickr

    Looking for lunch in a Madrid train station.

    IMG_8879 by agtobler, on Flickr

    I can't believe how much stuff fits into this bag.

    IMG_8887 by agtobler, on Flickr

    Again, all of our bags together as we wait for the subway. Hubby somehow managed to put all his stuff in a single backpack, but I "needed" two of them. I felt a little like a pack mule with the Aeronaut on the back, and the Synapse on the front, but that allowed the most comfortable carry. I did find myself dreaming of a messenger style bag instead of two backpacks at once. In the future, perhaps. :-)

    2013-10-18 11.51.41 by agtobler, on Flickr

    Wandering the narrow streets of Sevilla

    IMG_9021 by agtobler, on Flickr
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    Packing and gadget geek, collecting bags to disperse to my family.

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    How great that you took your kids on such a wonderful trip! Nice photos.

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