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    I had an Iberian travel tray. My spouse claimed it, however, and it's pretty clear that I'm not getting it back. He uses it to pack his dry toiletries.

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    I have a Wasabi TT. It was my first TB purchase. Ironically, I forget to bring it on 95% of my trips! LOL The only "downside" to it is that it holds a lot of stuff, so it becomes a catch-all pocket-dump tray for everything for me... watches, keys, knives, wallet, receipts, etc etc. LOL By the time I am ready for a trip I look at it brimming full of odds and ends I'd have to dump somewhere and I just decide to leave it home. LOL

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    If only they could keep them in stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trailhiker View Post
    When I travel I have a "little army" of travel trays at the ready.

    As a rule there are usually nightstands, not always (b &b's, when visiting family abroad and you r in a makeshift guest room)
    Nightstand or not,,,,,
    Wedding ring (does one even what to chance that thing being pushed off the side and forgotten about in the mad rush to catch a plane?)
    Cell phone
    Homeopathic remedies

    Charging area,,,,(when staying at a place for several days and not wanting to wrap up the cords everyday to go into a 3 d cube)
    Holding all the cables and misc wall plug in's for phones, iPads, camera,

    Bathroom,,,,, ( I use two here)
    I usually take a quarter packing cube for toiletries and each side gets dumped into a travel tray for easy access.

    Then there is the misc TT,,,,
    for loose change, the days accumulated collections of what not from a day out before it all gets sorted or trashed.

    Oh, and if I'm renting a car there's always one there that stays put for the duration for misc little stuff for the day.

    Hmmm, yup I'm not done yet,,,,,
    I usually take drawing supplies when going on a trip, which includes watercolors and all the acutraments that go along with that task so they go into a TT while I'm working on a sketch as well.

    Which reminds me, I better add one to my next order ( just in case )

    Now, many people are cashing in their Tom Bihn Holiday Gift Certificate, it is the time when people prepare for vacation travel and it is the big season for business travel.

    If everyone emulates Trailhiker Travel Trays' collection. There will be a time lapse between the bulk of Travel Trays orders and the next production batch.

    Hopefully, a short lapse.

    I would like to mention 4 other understated rock stars. The Travel Stuff Sacks. I use them at home in the same manner as Trailhiker use the Travel Tray on trips and others use the Travel Tray at home.

    I think that it would be a good idea to make Travel Trays in Parapack for use at home.
    Or places where weight is not an issue, I visualize Parapack Trays for craft use at home.

    What do forum members think of that idea?

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