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    The MCB is tough....

    So two nights ago I was driving home from a friends house when I got into a pretty serious car wreck. I was driving in the rain and making a left turn and turned into the path of a speeding SUV that I did not see coming (how I didn't see it coming is beyond me, but it was raining really hard.) Anyway my car, which is a small car was no match for a beast of a SUV and it basically totaled the car. In the middle of the crash my MCB, which I use as a purse was launched somewhere in the car (it hit me and flew somewhere else) Anyway once the police and fireman were pulling me from the car (my left knee was smashed up-- not broken as it turned out but they were taking no chances) I asked for my bag and they found it, shook the glass shards off it and put it on the stretcher with me.

    Well my car is totaled (likely, I'm waiting to hear from the insurance but the wheels were bent sideways under it, so I think the repairs are bigger than just replacing the door that got bashed in.) my knee is messed up, but my MCB looks totally normal. Plus everything (like my phone and stuff) stayed secure in it, nothing fell out.

    So Tom Bihn bags are pretty tough y'all. They can take some abuse.

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    Wow, that sounds terrifying. Hope the knee heals fast.

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    So sorry, feel better soon!

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    So glad you are ok! Good luck with the knee.

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    Wow! So happy to hear that you are ok. Take care of that knee, do not overdo it. Once a knee has been badly injured, it may take long time to heal. Tell your MCB to take it easy too. You have a lifelong companion there. :)
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    Oh my, that is not a testimony anybody likes to hear. Glad you survived and can tell the story!
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    Take care of yourself. The bags are replaceable -- you are not. Glad to hear that your stuff survived intact, but go easy on the knee, and best wishes for a swift recovery.

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    Wow, that sounds really scary, atarango1. Everybody here is glad to know that you're okay. or call U.S./Canada 1-800-729-9607 / Other countries +1-206-652-4123

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    Quote Originally Posted by moriond View Post
    Take care of yourself. The bags are replaceable -- you are not. Glad to hear that your stuff survived intact, but go easy on the knee, and best wishes for a swift recovery.
    moriond nailed it. Take care of yourself!
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    Ditto on all the good wishes being sent your way!
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