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    Using the Shop Bag in Curacao

    Using the Shop Bag in Curacao-img_0226-jpg

    During our one week stay in Curacao we used the Black Dyneema shop bag to carry our grocery and market goods
    back to our apartment. My Black Dyneema Co-Pilot was also at my side as a purse.

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    What a great photo. Wonderful colours with your shirt and the green and black. I love that black dyneema - that will be my next purchase but not sure which bag yet. Waiting to see what the aeronaght junior will be sized at.

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    Thanks @papids2000 for sharing such good photo.
    I'd been trying to find one who carry a Large or Small Shop Bag so I could see how big it is when carry.

    From the photo, I think I would go for Small Shop Bag. Sadly, only have Wasabi on the option now.
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