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    Just took my new Smart Alec shopping!

    Not recently because I don't live in the PNW at the moment, and it's hard to get Washington wines here that aren't from the big producers like Columbia or Ste. Michelle (not that those are bad). I think that Washington has some very good vineyards but if I'm being honest the varietals Washington is best known for aren't my favorites. I'm especially interested though in how eastern Washington is developing as a wine region, something I do not believe is as prevalent in Oregon.

    Actually, the last time I was in Kentucky I was surprised at the number of wineries that have been established. It could very well be that we will see Kentucky emerge as a dynamic wine-producing state.

    Full disclosure: I have only one bottle of wine in the house at the moment, and it's a 2008 Robert Hall cab. Gasp!

    ETA: I've derailed this thread enough so I'm going to tap out now. Moosezilla, congrats on the new SA. I shall toast you from afar.

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    Congrats, Moosezilla. I love my Smart Alec.

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