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It sounds like heaven, but its cold and drafty in winter..the way the earlier settlers built here is what is called a Shanty at home...beautiful wooden villas with carvings, but no insulation. We are slowly renovating...it would go quicker if would stop buying bags.

Taminca let me know if you find anything fireproof. :) Evacuation is a real possibility here since we get earthquakes and got some vulcanos as well. Fire always makes me nervous because its our only scource of heating and we have a wooden house (and I dont trust the wiring either) and unfortunately burglary is very common in this beautiful "unspoiled" "safe" New Zealand, no matter where you live. A dog and an alarm system makes it a wee bit safer...
So yeah the downside to the fact I get limited things but things I really love, increases the worry that I might loose them. But thats life. :-)
I live in the southern part of the US, so homes here were also built without insulation 130 years ago. When we first moved in, if it was windy outside, we couldn't keep a candle lit inside, that's how drafty it was. And the house is built all of wood, too: sappy wood that would burn to the ground in an instant should it catch on fire. So I share your worries on those scores as well. No earthquakes or volcanos, however: just tornados.

Still, I love our house, with all its quirks and inconveniences. And we have done a lot of renovation—thank goodness, I didn't discover TB until a few years ago! Laughing.

I was surprised to hear that burglary is so common in NZ; you're right, it doesn't fit our image abroad of beautiful, unspoiled, and safe. I just hope your dog is a better watchdog than mine; Yukon, who is a Newfoundland, might bark once or twice, but if the burglar rubbed him behind the ears, Yukon would show him right to the silver [if we had any, that is]. :D