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    More love on my Side Effect

    There are just some things about Tom Bihn bags that you don't really appreciate at first glance, and need to use them to appreciate. I brought my side effect on vacation, sometimes inside my Little Swift, sometimes solo. One thing I really appreciated is where the connectors are that you attach the straps to, they aren't way on the top but a bit down from the top. Why is this a good feature? Because it keeps the bag from bouncing around when carried cross body. It never moved. Usually I have small purses like that, that are always bouncing around and getting into my and others way. This thing just stayed put which was especially nice when carrying it hiking.

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    Very true - it can be a minor pain to clip things onto those recessed o-rings (I swap my keys and coin purse between my SE and MCB fairly regularly), but there's no denying that the SE is pretty stable.
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