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    My life is *almost* complete!

    Thanks to moriond, my life is almost complete! Through a bag swap, she provided me with my dream bag, the Cocoa/Cocoa/Wasabi Imago, AND my first Portable Culture tag (which was a complete surprise, by the way)!

    Now all I have to wait for is a Steel/Wasabi Aeronaut 30! He he! Hint, hint...nudge, nudge...

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    The Cocoa/Wasabi Imago is exactly like mine except I've got the Absolute Shoulder strap instead. Great bag!

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    This looks gorgeous! I didn't know Imagos came in solid outer colors - I assumed all of them have a contrasting fabric or texture. Just beautiful - cocoa and wasabi go so nicely together. And it matches UPS brown like you wanted!

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