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    Massive weather delays @ DEN...

    And knowing where 5 days worth of gear and clothes is at all times is priceless

    Massive weather delays @ DEN...-img_1230-jpg

    Packed fully solid, under seat on the small side of an ERJ-145

    Massive weather delays @ DEN...-img_0910-jpg

    Still can't find anything wrong with this bag

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    Red face

    That is because the Western Flyer is THE perfect bag. The only thing that makes it more perfect is.... DYNEEEEEMAAAAA!

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    Very nice! Hope you got where you are going.
    It was an experience of weather delays, being stranded and losing my suitcase for half a week, that made me change the way I travel. Such a good feeling to have all your essentials with you.
    Please bring back the Portable Culture patch!

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    This bag is pure hammerspace, too. 5 days of site surveys, my client was endlessly amazed and entertained with the variety of tools I pulled out at various critical junctures, from monopods and pliers to a laser measure and Zicam.

    The trevails of Gaylord Focker were enough for me to check out of checking bags.

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