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    Since I won't have internet access while I am on my trip, I considered how I might feel if all the black dyneema/uv WFs were gone when I got back. And I decided to take the plunge - I am so happy I did! @monkeylady and taminca, you were there to see my love at first sight. I just had a few commitment issues to work through before purchase. :)

    @jannilee, thank you again for your photos. It is so helpful to see how you packed yours and to know what packing cubes fit well. I can't wait to hear how it works out for your trip.

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    Oh, that trip is entirely hypothetical. I was just interested in how much a minimal pack would weigh in that bag. I have wanted the dyneema version since the last time it came around but commitment issues made me delay too long. Im glad you went for it while it is still available. In the large back section there is room for a couple of small specter cubes between the PCSB and the tristar small packing cube. I am planning to make some thin nylon packing cubes to save even more weight. I don't like the specter cubes because they don't open wide enough and I find the pcsb too heavy. I may even try to make them double sided.

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    @nwhikergal & @jannilee - I'm quite late to the posting but was linked to your photos for the first time today whilst contemplating a black dyneema/UV WF and fell deeply in love, it's so beautiful! I immediately called Tom Bihn but alas was ONE day late and they had just sold their last one. Just had to share my admiration for your beautiful bags! I hope to get one when they restock :)

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