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    S19 and FJN, the wonderful EDC pair!

    I really, really love those 2, by themselves and as a pair, they are wonderful.

    I have used the S19 since 2011 and the FJN since it came out.

    For quite some times, I have not felt really strong and have travelled only by car, with my very light LSB. Fitting cubes, SE, PCBP, FJN, even an SCB inside was no problem.
    Feeling better and with the weather turning rainy and/or cold, I decided to get back to my usual fabulous EDCs for 2 really nice meetings.

    Meeting 1: chairs, no desk, furious note taking.

    I tried to D.I.Y a light notetaker with the FJN hard plastic leaves and various means of keeping them and paper together.
    It flopped.

    I then checked the S25 page and found the new, to me, video about the S19 vs S25.
    I watched it many times without and with the music.

    I also checked many of the packing pictures of the S19 and realized that I had packed it all wrong, for a long time.

    I packed some of my loose EDC stuff in two Travel Stuff Sacks size 1 and placed them in the side pockets. My iPad Mini in its netbook Cache in the elastic pocket, I opened the main compartment wide, placed my wind breaker at the bottom as a widening and cushioning device, then placed a 3D Cube and the FJN vertically instead of horizontally and it all fits.

    That system will enable me to fit an LP for paperwork.

    With the SCB, the S19 was perfect for the venue. I wanted to take notes and the FJN alleviated perfectly the uncomfortable down sloping caused by writing on one's lap.

    I placed the TB bags on the chair next to me, opened the S19, took out the FJN, placed its strap in a supporting role and started to concentrate on the room layout.
    I was thirsty and found a little milk carton that stays good for long in my bottle pocket. I took a couple of sips before the panelists sat down.

    Very productive evening!

    Meeting 2: training, even more furious note taking, desk available.

    I bought a 2 holes punch, solid new old stock in metal. So now, I can punch any paper to fit my FJN.

    In addition to really nice fountain pen friendly paper from TB, I have included pages from a Rhodia notepad and suitable for pencil/inkroller/rollerball and gel pen printer paper.

    I don't need much leaves of paper for each meeting, I just have to remember to refill the FJN before each one, and punch the non TB paper ahead of time.

    Taking notes with the FJN is exactly the way I imagined I could do so, many years ago when I was taking notes outdoors or in conferences with various setups in letter or 3 x 5 size, one too bulky to be comfortable, the other to small for my handwriting size.

    A well organized S19, fitted with Dyneema accessories can accommodate my FJN easily.

    I have to admit using the SCB as "the bag which carry the things that must be handy right away" and extra pens in the PP and the long KTP.

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    Posts like this make me wonder if the FJN will set a sell-out record when it comes back!
    Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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    backpack: how nice to read, that you are feeling better. Your post makes me hope even more, that the FJN will come back sometime soon. I can not understand how I could not buy it, when I still had the time. My only defense/explanation is, that back than I thought it would be remade quite soon. When/if it comes back I'll ask you for the punch you bought. Buying refills of paper (even when they are fountain pen friendly!!) from America is a bit too extravagant, isn't it?


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    Illykway Neenah Conservation paper is really wonderful and smooth with a very pleasant light grey grid or line.

    Crane is unique, this is the manufacturer of the paper used for U.S currencies.

    I think the description on the TB page captures the quality of the paper in the best possible way: "Crane's Crest 24# 100% Cotton Paper
    Made from recovered cotton that comes from textile industry waste by-products, this exquisite 100% cotton paper works beautifully with most fountain pens and is suitable for letter writing, sketching, and even watercolor. We have it micro-perforated 3/4" from the left edge so you can remove the left margin with the punched holes and send the letter or frame the sketch. 100 shrink-wrapped sheets."

    Both packs of papers are very light and I make sure that I order 1 or 2 packs of the grid one with each order.

    Illykway my punch is a vintage American made, 2 holes punch usually used on top of letter size pages in courts and other official duties.

    The rings of the FJN are made in Germany, so the 3 holes spacing and the corresponding punch is, most probably, available locally, to you.

    Printer paper and I think Rhodia, is available in supermarkets in France, so they should also be in Germany.

    The picture of the open red (I think Crimson) FJN here Field Journal Accessories - Paper, rulers, dividing leafs - TOM BIHN shows a red Lamy Safari, a blue Lamy Studio and a lead holder pencil.

    I also have Lamy Safari(s), Vista(s) and Studio(s) which are made in Germany, as well as an old style Steadler MarsŪ technico 780 Leadholder of the same provenance.

    I hope to visit Lamy's factory, one day.

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    Badger's genius has alleviated some anxieties concerning the Stuff Sacks and content tumbling out of the S19.

    Thanks Badger!

    I also followed the lead of users and the video by replacing a Kit with a 3D Cube in the lower pocket, I was also able to fit a Small Shop bag.

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