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    Thumbs up My Wife is Thrilled!

    I just received my Empire Builder and my long (LOOOONNNNGGGG) search for the perfect bag is over. I'm a self-confessed bag-fanatic and I've had so many over the years (SFBags/Waterfield, Spire, Tumi,....) but none were "just right".

    However, this bag holds all of my tech gear in such a way that it never looks overloaded. The organization is fantastic, especially the unique folder dividers. The strap is very comfortable and forgiving. There is obviously so much attention to every detail of the bag.

    I've only had it 2 days and my colleagues are asking where I got it.

    Now my wife is looking to get rid of that pile of old bags in the basement.

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    What to do with old stuff?

    Consider giving way your stuff via
    and you might have fun meeting new people @ the same time.

    A friend of mine gave away for free a popup trailer and very
    much enjoyed the experience.
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    That's awesome! I'm glad you are enjoying your Empire Builder.

    PM4HIRE's suggestion of Freecycle is a good one. I find it really hard to part with any of my bags, but I have a great excuse not to since I work at Tom Bihn. :) Having one of each bag is an important part of research!!
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    Spring is supposed to be here. If your household has a good amount of stuff to get rid of consider setting up a garage sale. If you get along with your neighbors, a block wide garage sale and pot luck maybe fun. :)

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