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    My new-to-me Brain Bag

    I recently acquired a black/olive/steel Brain Bag. It is used, purchased off eBay, with a small tear in the logo pocket. It is an older model but is fine for my needs.

    I had been debating for some time getting a new EDC. I was using the Timbuk2 Ram Convertible laptop backpack. I used it as a shoulder bag with an Absolute Strap. It was stuffed to capacity. I was trying to decide on either a Pilot or possibly a Brain Bag when a Brain Bag came up for sale on eBay. I figured if I could get it then I could try it out. I bid and won! Iíve had it for a couple of weeks and am growing to love it.

    My Timbuk2 contained: (Front zipper pocket) work badge. (Under front flap) mouse pad and Tom Bihn wasabi dyneema 3D Fabric Organizer Cube with electronics cables, miscellaneous stuff (drugs, lip balm, etc.), and travel charger. (Main zipper pocket) Tom Bihn red Cordura Organizer Pouch with stamps and other items, spare glasses in case, small Moleskine notebook, and pens in the organizer slots; brush, iPad mini in Case Logic 7-8" tablet sleeve, and Tom Bihn black/UV Side Effect with iPhone, keys, Tom Bihn wasabi dyneema Clear Organizer Wallet and insurance cards in main compartment; and laptop charger, wireless mouse, small speaker, Bluetooth keyboard, and checkbook wallet in inside zippered pockets. (Laptop compartment) Tom Bihn large cocoa Clear Organizer Pouch and Dell Latitude e6430 (Back panel/Velcro-close pocket/wheelie handle pass-through) foldable footstool, mail, and notes.

    My new-to-me Brain Bag-old-edc_timbuk2-ram-jpg

    The Brain Bag swallowed all of it whole without chewing. I was able to add my small wasabi Shopping Bag (folded) and an UnderArmor rain jacket in a wasabi No. 2 Travel Stuff Sack. I also purchased an olive Snake Charmer for laptop charger, wireless mouse, small speaker, Bluetooth keyboard and stool, a small olive Double Organizer Pouch to hold iPad/iPhone cables and ear buds, and a black Q-kit for change. I could easily put a couple of packing cubes in it on top of what is already in there. I did put my lunch bag in the front compartment the other day without an issue. Iím considering a cache for the laptop, but for now Iím using my cheap laptop sleeve with handle.

    The bag fits my frame well and carries comfortably. However, as a not-so-petite 4-foot, 11-inch gal, I do have to use the sternum strap all the time, even walking to/from the parking lot. The straps are just a tad wide for me and slip off my shoulders. Before my Ram, I used an REI Quantum backpack which didnít carry well without the laptop. It rode up too high when light. But the Brain Bag does not do that. It carries the same full or empty. Here are a few pics (Iím a lousy photographer, sorry about that):

    Brain Bag packed
    My new-to-me Brain Bag-brain-bag-packed-jpg

    Side and top compartments
    My new-to-me Brain Bag-brain-bag-sides-top-jpg

    Front compartment
    My new-to-me Brain Bag-brain-bag-front-jpg

    Back compartment
    My new-to-me Brain Bag-brain-bag-back-jpg

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    Congrats! Looks great!

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