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    Feb 2013

    It was a merry Christmas

    Santa Claus, in his infinite wisdom, saw fit to bring a few TB goodies to me for Christmas.

    xmas bihn
    by jjgtme, on Flickr

    Two Dyneema pouches - mini in Iberian and small in wasabi
    A Q-Kit in navy
    A size 2 travel stuff sack in wasabi
    5 yards of wasabi cord

    The small organizer pouch immediately went in my CP to hold all of the little "just in case" items. I'm thinking the Q-Kit will be a good carry pouch for my small Leatherman and a few other tools. I'm not sure of a job for the mini organizer pouch yet so I'll have to peruse the forums for some inspiration on that front.

    I had the stuff sack in mind for holding my winter pullover. It compresses quite a bit but as an XL size item I wasn't quite sure it would make it. Turns out that size 2 was just right giving a snug fit with no leftover wasted room.

    stuff sack jacket
    by jjgtme, on Flickr

    stuff sack full
    by jjgtme, on Flickr

    The wasabi cord is in place on the side pockets of my CP and I think it looks great with the nordic Dyneema.

    wasabi cord
    by jjgtme, on Flickr

    Thanks TB and Santa for a Dyneema-filled holiday.

    (TB Crew - feel free to use any of these pics if you so desire.)

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    I don't even like Wasabi, but it looks amazing with Nordic.

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    I have two Q Kits and one on the way. One holds earbuds and a glasses cleaning cloth, one holds a Swiss Champ Swiss army knife, and the one on the way will be for corralling change.
    Great pics! I love your Nordic Copilot!

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    I ordered a Q-Kit simply to test it out and see if I could find a good use for it. It arrived today (along with my Forest Pilot), and as soon as I got it in my hands, I realized it would be perfect for storing the individually-wrapped Lifesaver mints that I carry on each trip (and often hand out to co-workers). It's so much nicer than keeping them in a small ziplock bag or loose in my Snake Charmer. (I plan to add another Q-Kit to my next Tom Bihn order.)
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