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    Packing my favorite bag - the Aeronaut!

    Just back from a month long trip using the Aeronaut as my only bag. I love it! This is the third journey for my Aeronaut and it still looks like new. This trip I expected to see some possible wear since it was being loaded into a tour bus everyday for 2 weeks. Nope still looks like new. The drizzling wet weather of Norway didn't faze any of the contents -thanks to the 'splashproof zippers' I wasn't even worried.

    I really like hopping onto a train with my "luggage" on my back. Easy! And boy was I glad I didn't have a wheelie to drag/bounce along the cobblestone walks. It is more comfortable for my 60 yr old back to wear the bag than twisting to pull a wheelie. I even like the tinkle-y sound of the zipper pulls bouncing together. It was a reassuring sound that no one had opened my pack to help themselves to something as I walked through the train stations. This Aeronaut suits me in everyway.

    Packing wise here's what worked for me on our recent trip. (note SAS economy only allows one 8 kg carry on - i.e. no personal item. So for this trip weight was the limiting factor in packing not the size of the bag.)
    In the top (or upper while wearing it) end pocket I pack something to read, an empty 8 oz water bottle to fill once through security, ziplock or aloksak with toiletries to show security at check in and another aloksak with sleeping mask and earplugs. The zippered shallow pocket was perfect for train/plane tickets and a mini organizer pouch clipped to the key snap to hold coins (5 k often needed to access a toilet).

    In the large center section rolled clothes fit into the TB mesh packing cubes, one lg and one sm. This still left room for a Pacsafe purse with items like meds, binoculars, treo and headphones.

    Shoes and rain gear were stowed in the bottom end pocket for easy access during the day.

    This Aeronaut is my favorite luggage ever. Love it, love it, love it. Thanks TB and all.

    Since every adventure it a bit different I'd love to learn how other TB fans pack their Aeronaut.

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    Great review. Very helpful. Thank you.

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    Only one bag allowed? I'm getting better at traveling light but I don't know if I could do that. But if I ever get myself to travel to Europe it sounds like I would need to. At least my practice with my Aeronaut on domestic flights should help when I do finally go. From what I've read, I think you really need a bag like the Aeronaut for the situations you describe.

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