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    Aeronaut design changes

    I recently noticed that the Aeronaut's design has changed slightly. I have one of the first versions. The main thing I noticed is that the end pockets now zip on 3 sides instead of just 2.

    Are there other changes? What were the reasons for the changes?

    Also, just out of curiosity, when did the design change occur? I didn't notice it until some of the recent internet reviews.

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    I noticed that too in the Gadling pictures. I just assumed that I hadn't looked properly in the first place!


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    The zippers on the Aeronaut end pockets were originally positioned so that they did not touch the ground when the bag was set down on its edge; this meant cutting the zippers shorter than we may have done otherwise. I always take into account that zippers can wear if exposed to abrasion when positioned too close to the bottom of a bag.
    After some use, I realized that the utility of having a larger opening on the end compartment outweighed my concerns about zipper wear. Additionally, the splash-proof zippers we use on the Aeronaut tend to be less affected by abrasion anyway.
    Around that same time I believe I added an open-top pocket on the end opposite the small zippered pocket: I wanted someplace to put my boarding pass.

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